What is involved?

icons2Our services include:

  • Mentoring of clients for the duration of the project to ensure the best outcome possible;
  • One-to-one tuition with handpicked specialized art tutors, many with international profiles as artists and a wealth of educational experience;
  • Portfolio preparation for applications to Foundation and Degree courses and for applications to school art scholarships at 9+ and 11+;
  • HomeStay tuition and mentoring in the countryside just outside of London, enabling students to participate in intensive residential art tuition in a rural setting, with visits to London galleries easily available. Students of any age can stay for any duration to work on their projects or simply enjoy an ‘art holiday’ away from home.
  • Mock interviews;
  • Exam preparation;
  • Gallery visits;
  • Assistance with current schoolwork to help optimize grades;


Art Consultation: £1000 (plus VAT)
This extensive, personalised and in-depth report follows a one to one consultation meeting between our head of art and the client. We respond to the students work, their objectives, and advise you on the best possible options available. This process has often lead to students pursuing study and career paths they previously didn’t know where available to them, and helped them understand how their creativity and talent can be best expressed.

Art Mentoring: £1000- £1300 (plus VAT) per month
Mentoring often follows a consultation, and involves our head of art Darren Marshall personally overseeing the project and being the point of contact for the client.

Tuition: £75-85 P HR
After an initial appraisal of the project by our head of art, a tutor is handpicked to with the student. This ensures that the skill set and experience of the tutor matches the requirements of the task at hand.

Art HomeStay Programme: £ Enquire with BM team
We can arrange short or long term residential stays with our head of art and his family in the countryside just outside of London, combining a peaceful, calm and interesting environment for making art with easy access to London and its galleries and museums. 

Please contact us with any enquires you might have regarding art education and we will arrange the guidance required to achieve you aims.


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Please call us to discuss your family's consulting requirements. If you would prefer to make an online enquiry, please use our client enquiry form.

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