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Giving Back

  • Academy Scholarships

    Academy Scholarships

    26 Bonas MacFarlane scholars joined our University Preparation Programme in January 2017. Each year 100% scholarships are awarded to a group of sixth formers who meet widening-participation criteria. These fully-funded places enable students to join Bonas MacFarlane’s Oxbridge and university preparation programmes.

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  • United World Schools

    United World Schools

    Bonas MacFarlane recently funded the building of a school in Cambodia via our chosen charity, United World Schools. The village is in the province of Mondulkiri, Northern Cambodia (GPS co-ordinates 13.1807 N, 107.0927E) and is one the most remote they have ever built. Now, although still in its infancy, UWS Norng Bou School has 200 children attending, who started in January.

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  • Primary Partnership

    Primary Partnership

    Like many schools in the state sector, St Cuthbert’s with St Matthias has been severely affected by recent government funding cuts. Bonas MacFarlane has established a partnership with St Cuthbert’s to support children across the age range. Our tutors help staff a Homework Club as well as working with the school’s high achievers to enable them to realise their potential. The Chair of Governors described this help as “invaluable, especially when so many of our parents are new to the system in this country.”

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  • Foundation K

    Foundation K

    Charles Bonas founded and is a trustee of the charity Foundation K, which provides access to high quality education for talented children from Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. The Foundation has developed a special Young Leaders Programme to nurture the leadership potential and to open doors into the world of private schooling for children with exceptional abilities, who satisfy programme requirements. This Programme has been prepared together with renowned educational experts and is run in cooperation with highly respected educational providers based in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and internationally.

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