Recluse to Scholar

A 15 year old girl from Moscow, who had a seemingly idyllic upbringing, had started to shut off from her family and from school life.  The family laid blame with the school, however it soon became apparent that there were several missing pieces in the jigsaw. A Bonas MacFarlane mentor was enlisted to support the pupil and explore what her motivations were.  

It emerged that the girl’s father had suddenly passed away two years previously.  The shock of his death had effected the family such that communication between them had broken down.  Subsequently the girl was left unsure of how to handle her emotions and had been unable to grieve.  

Having identified the root cause of the problem, our mentoring department worked with the school to create a network of pastoral support, including the assistance of a psychiatrist, for the student.

With the student’s increased confidence and more positive outlook, we decided with the family that a fresh start would be beneficial.  Through our school placement service, we arranged for the girl to visit four schools which provided her with a renewed enthusiasm for the future.  

Having passed her GCSE’s with flying colours, she was awarded a scholarship to one of the leading UK schools. She has been predicted straight A’s for her AS levels.  There has also been mention of a prefect-ship. 

We continue to work with her and her family, including her three younger brothers.


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