US Academic Mentoring

Choosing and preparing for university entry is always demanding, and the move to a different education system adds additional stress. Our tutors and mentors help students become familiar with the idea of life at an American college – we seek to ease students into the lengthy application process and ensure that it becomes a well-managed and enjoyable process that draws admissions tutors to understand the full academic potential of our candidates.

Our mentors provide

  • Tailored supervision and guidance of a student’s educational development to ensure that a student’s academic, pastoral, and extra-curricular profile respond to the rigours of the US college admissions process
  • Devise with the student detailed study objectives and extra curricular programmes during term time and over the holidays geared towards strengthening the US college application
  • Assist parents in interpreting end of term school reports and liaise with the school on behalf of the parents to align the student’s efforts at school with a successful US college application
  • Help the student make important subject choice decisions at GCSE, A Level, or IB that are likely to help present a strong US college application
  • Assist in making arrangements for holiday courses that help a student build a strong academic and extra-curricular profile
  • Advise the student and the family on suitable US universities, colleges and campuses
  • Our mentors work with students over a considerable timeframe to stimulate a love of learning, discovery of new ideas, and to construct an attractive extra-curricular profile – all crucial for a successful application to a top US college

This work often continues after admissions have been successfully completed. Many students are also now tutored and mentored through their undergraduate courses and prepared for GMAT tests and post-graduate admissions, including MBAs. Our one-to-one mentorship helps many students settle at university and prepare for their careers.


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