Long-term Involvement

Charles Bonas started to work with one of our Anglo American families in July 1994. For seven years, he tutored their four children, visiting them in Southampton and Manhattan, then continued to help the children when they moved to English schools. He placed one daughter at Charterhourse, another at Stowe (and then continued to help her right through to her successful application to Oxford), one of the boys at Millfield, and the youngest at Harrow. By the time we have assisted him with his American college application, Charles will have been helping the family for a quarter of a century.

We are also thrilled when one of our former tutees calls us up to ask for help tutoring her child and for advise on nuersry and pre prep school placements. Some of our former tutees are now becoming tutors themselves. It is no exaggeration to stress that Bonas MacFarlane really does provide a 'cradle to career' service. Many of our clients become good friends, as we follow their children through the entire length of their educational journey.


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