I want to DO business!

A Middle Eastern family approached us, requesting assistance with obtaining a place at an elite university for their son who wished to study Business and Management.

A Bonas MacFarlane mentor arranged to meet with the young man to establish his history and his aspirations.  It transpired that initially a promising case, in reality the student had poor grades and little focus.

He admitted that the only reason he had picked to apply for a business course was because a friend of his was studying it.   

In spite of limited success at school, the mentor recognised that the boy did have academic potential.  Due to his upbringing, he had never been challenged or pushed to achieve and so had not developed a work ethic.  The student knew that he would like to become a businessman, as his father was.  When pushed to define what ‘business’ involved however he found even that a struggle.  

Bringing the conversation closer to home enabled the young man to start exploring options.  His father owned a substantial property portfolio, therefore this was an industry he was familiar with.  We arranged work experience with a property search agent, a surveying firm and an estate agent.  This provided experience of office life, as well as exposing him to the types of characters he would work with if to build a successful portfolio himself.  Although eye-opening, the student admitted that this perhaps was not where he saw his future.

The next focus was wealth management and the mechanics of the financial industry.  We placed the young man with a boutique FX firm.  He was given £1,000 to play with on the currency markets, with the incentive of winning any profit he created.  With close guidance the student flourished, becoming inquisitive and driven.  He had found something that motivated him, kept his attention and had a tangible result.  

He has since gained internships at two of the largest financial institutions and with improved grades has applied to four Russell Group universities to study Business Management and Finance. 


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