University Choices

University admission procedures are competitive and can be lengthy. Bonas MacFarlane has over twenty years of experience helping students gain admission to many of the world’s highest ranked universities. We take a long-term strategic view of the university application process: it is vital to start early.

Choice of Study at School

We advise on the best choice of GCSE and then A-Level, IB or Pre-U subjects, to ensure that the right combination for a desired degree course is selected. Expert tuition in all subjects at all levels can be arranged.

Choosing the Right Degree Course

We provide specialist mentors (who are practitioners) for each subject. Summer programmes and volunteer work can be arranged to assist with applications to competitive vocational degree courses such as Medicine. Our consultants are well aware of the employability factors relating to a student’s degree choice and work hard with students to examine how a degree may fit into future career choices.

The Application: UCAS

We have many years of experience helping students to prepare Personal Statements that win them places on courses at leading universities. We understand the issues that face those applying to some of the most over-subscribed courses and we assist students in making the most impressive application that they can even in specialised areas such as Medicine and Veterinary Science. 

Oxford & Cambridge

The process of applying to Oxford or Cambridge can seem very daunting indeed. We know how to manage these more complex applications, starting with guidance on choice of subject and college. Specialist tuition programmes delivered by Oxbridge graduates give practice tutorials for aptitude tests and interview training as well as advice on wider reading and developing specialist academic interests. Our Head of University Admissions is a Cambridge graduate with experience of closely guiding students through these applications and she oversees every application herself. Bonas MacFarlane’s consultants have links with a network of tutors at both institutions.

US University Applications

Our consultants have helped many students gain admission to all the leading US universities. We understand how to make the transition from UK and international education to US colleges and the demands of the rigorous admissions process. Find out more

Gap Year Planning

A gap year between school and university can be an exceptionally beneficial experience, but only if it is carefully thought out and planned. Bonas MacFarlane has a wide network of consultants and course providers who assist with this. We can advise on vocational and academic courses, assist with CV writing, interview training, and networking skills, and introduce students to potential providers of work experience. Our experienced expedition staff can assist with planning travel and provide courses on travelling safely and productively.

Mentorship At University

Postgraduate Study & Graduate Recruitment

Our consultants guide students towards suitable postgraduate courses – including MBA courses – and we have tutors who can help with preparation for GMAT tests. We also have a network of career consultants who can assist with graduate job applications and advise on internships and work experience.


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