School Placement

Many parents benefit from our full school placement service in which we take parents methodically through all the stages of placing their child into a school.

The service incorporates the following parts:

First Consultation

Our consultant will learn as much as possible about a child’s background and suitability to particular schools. This consultation may take place in London or at a family home outside London (we travel extensively in the UK and overseas). A more rigorous assessment of the children may also be carried out.

Preparation & Ongoing Discussion

We provide a post-assessment report and in-depth discussion detailing the schools that we suggest are most suited to the child. The nature of this selection process may involve an extensive exchange of ideas between parent, child, and consultant.

School Choices

The consultant prepares a shortlist of schools with a detailed report on each suggestion.

School Liaison

We consult and negotiate with schools, at times making detailed personal recommendations to these selected schools. We also ensure that there is a mutual understanding between the parents’ expectations of the school and the school’s expectations of the child.

School Visits

We organise special visits to up to seven chosen schools, providing one of our consultants to accompany the family on these visits, in order to introduce parents to the school environment and discuss their impressions.

Entrance Exams

We can organise for a child to sit the appropriate school entrance exams – either at home or at the school. We can arrange private tuition to ensure that the child is properly prepared. In some instances we can negotiate with schools for exams to be retaken or completed at special times or in a different country. We also advise on scholarship exams and bursaries.

Interview Practice

Interviews at prospective schools are important. We can provide ‘mock’ interviews with feedback. Schools do not want children to be prepared for interviews, but we can help them feel more confident and expressive about this potentially daunting process.

Documentation & References

We organise reports from the previous school to accompany the child’s application and collect a personal statement from the student, preparing and sending all the registration documents to the recommended schools. We manage any offer letters and ensure that the correct documentation is in place and kept up-to-date. In many instances, we also provide strong personal recommendations, which are highly respected by schools.

The Acceptance Process

A child may be placed on a waiting list for a first choice school - we then do all we can to find movement within that list. Or a child may be invited to reapply once certain subjects have been improved - we then instigate a tutoring process. Hopefully, a child will be offered a place in which case we assist with the acceptance documentation and any visa work if required.


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