Consultancy Services

  • School Placement

    School Placement

    Many parents benefit from our full school placement service in which we take parents methodically through all the stages of placing their child into a school.

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  • Assessments


    For most families, we begin with an academic assessment of the child. This is how we can identify the gaps and determine the right educational path forward. The Bonas MacFarlane Broad-Spectrum Assessment is the result of years of experience. We constantly adapt and update it to take account of developments in educational psychology.

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  • University Choices

    University Choices

    University admission procedures are competitive and can be lengthy. Bonas MacFarlane has over twenty years of experience helping students gain admission to many of the world’s highest ranked universities. We take a long-term strategic view of the university application process: it is vital to start early.

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A Long Term Relationship

Accurate, Properly Researched Advice

We benefit from a strong core team of in-house consultants and researchers, at least one of whom will be visiting a school or university nearly every day of the school year. If we need specialist advice, we have several highly experienced external consultants, ranging from Early Years specialists to Art degree course experts, from Oxbridge admissions experts to SpLD school experts. We retain a number of ex head teachers and housemasters from leading independent schools to add to our expertise.

Trusted by Schools

Our consultants are in touch daily with the leading UK independent schools. Admissions officers who deal with families from Bonas MacFarlane know they are receiving sound information about the prospective student. This is the result of our professional standing within the sector and from many years of relationship building with admissions departments and school heads.

Administrative Competence and Efficiency

It is vital to have expertise in the complex administration involved in a school or a university placement. We have a team of administrators who know the different and precise procedures of each institution - from registration deadlines to testing requirements. We guide parents through the whole process and share the responsibility, from registering their children to scheduling school visits and selecting the right school or university.

Integrated Follow-On Services

Once we have placed a child in a school, our job has often just begun. We immediately set our sights on the next academic goal - whether it is the transition to senior school, public exams, or university entrance. Our team of academic mentors and our tutors work closely with our placement team to provide this integrated service.


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Ambitious for our Students

In 2013, 95% of Bonas MacFarlane’s candidates were awarded places at their first or second choice school, most of which have competitive entry points.

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    We understand the unique fit of a school to a child and place many children in schools that are lesser known but equally prestigious or impressive in their own way. We know which schools are on ‘the up’ and some of the hidden secrets - fine schools that families may not have found before working with us.
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Parents are reverential and pay tribute to the professionalism and care taken. ‘Everyone has been of extremely high quality,’ we were told. ‘They’re especially good at studying techniques and they have people who truly understand individual difficulties. We’re very impressed not only with individual tutors but also with their capacity to work, where necessary, as a team...